30 January 2003

Too much stuff, too little money

Wow, do I have a lot of work to do this semester. Barely able to catch a breath to continue the blog.

Bad news: The State of Texas is asking state Universities to give back 7% of their operating budget. This means cuts to everything, and new faculty in our College are being advised to spend our start-up funds ASAP. This makes me particularly worried, considering that I'm still owed a full one-eighth of my promised start-up funding.

22 January 2003

Still here and stuff

I'd been neglectful since the Christmas and New Year's holiday. It's a neglect brought on by teaching two new classes this semester. The pressure to come up with stuff - lectures, lab preparation, etc. -- has been pushing lots of things I should be doing slightly to the side.

The journal will get back on track now.