09 July 2023

Social media update

There has been a proliferation of sites trying to take advantage of disaffected users leaving Twitter.

I have been creating  accounts, of course, mostly to keep anyone from grabbing my preferred handle. Here’s the update of where you can find me.

Will any of these survive? Or will they go the way of Google Plus?

"Time will tell. It always does."


05 July 2023

Professional news: I’m now at DORA!

So, uh, I’ve got a new job. And it6s is the first time an organization has sent out an announcement of my hire.

It’s going to be a big new challenge. Lucky for me I love big new challenges!

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A warm welcome to DORA’s new Program Director Zen Faulkes

01 July 2023

Twitter owner cures millions of social media addiction

The title of this post is the joke I would normally make on Twitter. 

Except now the number of tweets people can read is being limited and I don’t want to use anyone’s reading limit up unnecessarily,



The reason given for imposing a reading limit sounds weird. But that subscribers get to read 100 times more tweets than everyone else feels like a dumb ploy to get more people to pay for Twitter verification.

I keep waiting to get invitations to Bluesky, which seems to be the best candidate to take over as the major social media platform. And I am glad that I never stopped blogging.

Edit, 2 July 2022: Apparently the reading limits are a direct result of the owner of Twitter not paying the bills. That they were going to stop payments to Google Cloud was reported weeks ago.