12 October 2005

Should have gone to the beach

Yesterday, I had originally planned to go to South Padre Island to collect animals. But when I got up in the morning, it was raining heavily. I looked at the weather forecast, which predicted thundershowers on and off for the whole day. I though about it, and decided not to go, since I didn't want to have to spend hours shoveling sand in the rain. Of course, things cleared up and most of the rest of the day was fine. I so should have gone.

There was good news yesterday, though. I got a copy of my latest actual printed article, in the Texas Journal of Science. About the first thing I saw was that "status" got spelled with an "i" in one table, but what the heck. You can't have everything. I worried this would happen, because it was a change the editor suggested at the proof stage, so I knew it was going to get typeset again without me checking the pages.

I was rather enjoying having three papers in press. It made me feel so productive. I still feel pretty good about having two papers in press, but I really need to have more getting into journals this year if I'm to succeed.

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