22 November 2005

Boneless chicken

The ulcer in my mouth in healing, but not yet healed. My dentist, Dr. Kent, went into the back of my jaw with a probe, pulled out a little white sliver, and said, "Feel that." Yup; it's hard. Just like bone. 'Cause that's what it was. Then he went back in and pried loose another splinter of bone, and said to his assistant, "It's like a boneless chicken." Wheee.

So here I sit, with gauze in my mouth again. At least it's getting better, I'm planning on going back in three weeks for another follow-up, by which time I hope it will have completely healed up. On the plus side, though, I'm getting damn good at making fruit smoothies. I haven't really been having anything more solid than ice cream for a couple of weeks now, in an attempt to not rip it up by chewing.

And now for something completely different...

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