06 February 2006

Latest work

My latest masterpiece -- er, research paper, "Digging mechanisms and substrate preferences of shovel nosed lobsters, Ibacus peronii (Decapoda: Scyllaridae)", has now been published online, and is available in Journal of Crustacean Biology. You can read the abstract here or here. If you're a subscriber to the journal, the first link will let you go whole hog and get the PDF of the paper, too. Please do. Spread among friends and enemies alike. Everyone loves lobster research papers, don't they?

The one thing I will always wonder about this paper is whether I could have got this published with the title I wanted to give it. I thought long and hard about calling it, "Do shovel nosed lobsters shovel with their noses?" I chickened out, and used for my talk on this subject at the SICB meeting last month instead.

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