21 May 2006

Ancient enemies continue their battle

I live right across the corner from the Edinburg Baseball Stadium. The year I moved here, 2001, was the year the Edinburg Roadrunners debuted. They won the league championship that year, and again in 2004. Imagine my surprise when I walked by the front of the stadium as I routinely do, and saw a sign up proclaiming that the baseball stadium was home to the Edinburg... Coyotes.

Sheesh. Don't they know coyotes never catch roadrunners?

(With appreciation to the late, great Chuck Jones.)

Couldn't resist. Actually, the Coyotes are actually the winners this time. The poor Roadrunners are defunct, as is the league they played in. More on the Roadrunners / Coyote dispute here. And, joking aside, the Coyotes did win earlier this week.

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