13 November 2006

Busted over cleavage

None of my developmental experiments worked this weekend. As a sort of last ditch effort, I tried to extract some DNA from the animals while the tissue was still fresh. Now I have to runs some tests to see if I succeeded, but since I never planned on being a molecular biologist, I yet again have to rely on the good will of my colleagues to let me scam a bit of their material.

One guy assured me that I must have DNA. When I told him I was using a Qiagen kit, he said, "That's the Mercedes of DNA kits."

"Maybe," I replied, "but a Mercedes driven by a giraffe is not going to be a smooth ride."

I am not convinced of the foolproofness of the kit. As Mark Twain wrote, it is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious."

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