16 September 2008


I got tenure two weeks ago. Most people would think that provides security, particularly financial security. "You've got a job for life," is how people often put it.

Two weeks in, and I feel less secure than ever. Hurricane Ike looks like it will put Houston and Galveston out of action for a month. It reminded me that tenure didn't mean all that much at New Orleans universities after Katrina devastated the city. If we'd been evacuated for a month... seriously not sure what we'd be able to do.

And today I find out that the U.S. government is bailing out AIG with an $85 billion loan. (Remember that figure when people talk about about the $6 billion for the large hadron collider.) And you know one of the things AIG does? They are one of the approved suppliers of optional retirement plans for the state of Texas. Carefully screened by the state because they are a stable and reputable firm.

And yeah. There's my retirement monies right there.

I guess you could say that my personal consumer confidence index is on a downward trend.

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