01 October 2008

A Jeff Corwin experience

Jeff Corwin
Television personality Jeff Corwin was on our campus yesterday as part of our distinguished speakers series. So far, he's the closest we've had to a working scientist as part of that series over the five years that speaker's series has been running.

Corwin had lots of animals, mostly reptiles, on hand to display. Some really wonderful beasts. My favourite was an alligator snapping turtle... very cool looking. And he was a very laid back and personal presenter. Shown above is Corwin, a volunteer, and an albino Burmese python that was retrieved after being a pet.

And what was great to see was that the room was packed. When he asked for a volunteer, huge numbers of hands went up.

Volunteer wannabes
A lot of the people there were quite young, which is great to see -- I just hope their enthusiasm survives their schooling.

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