15 September 2009

Comments for first half of September 2009

In her New York Times blog The Wild Side, Olivia Judson asked what organisms should have their genomes sequenced, and I had to make a case for crayfish. There are, however, many other superb selections in the comments, and I really like Olivia’s own pick.

At MolBiol Research Highlights, Alejandro Montenegro-Montero’s advice to graduate students mentions rotations. I point out that not all programs have them. Strangely, I had made the exact same point only days before at BenchFly’s post on first year grad school strategies.

Along the lines of grad school advice, a request for input on Twitter resulted in this post on the BioData blog.

Over at Laeleps, I pick my favourite transitional fossil.

A couple of posts showed up in the latest Carnival of Evolution and Circus of the Spineless blog carnivals.

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