09 January 2010

It’s an election year

Another article about quarreling, divided Texas State Board of Education came out in the Dallas News. Eight of the Board’s 15 seats are up for election this year, so the entire fabric of the Board could change dramatically.

McLeroy and most political observers see the election as pivotal for the social conservatives – particularly with the board scheduled to adopt new science textbooks in 2011, new social studies books in 2012 and new health curriculum standards beginning that year as well.

And I have to hand it to Texas State Board of Education member Don McLeroy:

He is always quotable.

“If you're going to be in a political office, you have to promote your views, and I’m confident and proud of the stands I've taken and my votes on the major issues,” McLeroy said.

Emphasis added.

I was under the impression that in democracies, elected officials were generally tasked with promoting the views of their constituents, and that promoting your own views was the prerogative of dictators and tyrants.

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