02 March 2010

So that’s where she’s been!

Following yesterday’s post about neuroscience leaving me, I find an interview with someone I recognize. Andrea Novicki who was once a fellow invertebrate neuroethologist. I first met Andrea at Western Nerve Net meetings, before that series vanished beneath the waves, and at a few conferences after that.

Then, she went sailing. (Meanwhile, I went through tenure.)

A post that shows how many twists and turns a career can take.


Andrea said...

Hi Zen! I've been following you on your blogs and on twitter; I've been delighted to find that you are smarter and more interesting than ever.

Back to lurking silently, but thanks.

Zen Faulkes said...

You're just making me doubly annoyed that I couldn't attend Science Online tin January! I would have enjoyed a chance to chat.

Maybe next time around...