01 June 2011

Comments for second half of May 2011

Biochem Belle takes on acronyms.

Eva Amsen at the Expression Patterns blog asked if people preferred giving talks or posters. The winner, by about a three to one margin, was a talk. Since I’m the guy writing the Better Posters blog, you know I’ve got something to say.

Mo at Neurophilosophy has nice coverage about what early mammal fossils tell us about the evolution of brains in that group.

Gerty Z at Balanced Instability wonders if a new faculty members should spend time writing papers or grants. She also wonders how to hire post-docs.

Looniechemist asks how often we Ph.D. types swing around our big fancy academic titles.

Pro-Like Substance nails the importance of reminders for academics.

Dr. Micro O is plenty steamed by Senator Coburn’s report on NSF spending. Steve Silberman also comments about it. Namnezia also shows what it reveals about the political understanding of science.

Mike the Mad Biologist offers advice on posters. Something so important, it should have a blog of its own.

Neuroself looks at author Jonah Lehrer and concludes he is not a neuroscientist. Chad Orzel then tackles some of the conclusions within that post and finds them wanting. Criticism is the only antidote to error. And that’s why I like both posts.

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