04 August 2011

Science tans

This is my foot.

With the socks and shoes I typically wear in summertime.

But I have this odd tan.

The tan line goes way further down past my ankle than my shoes and socks. It’s a science tan. Because the reason I have this is because about once a month, I do this:

I’m on the beach at South Padre Island, looking for the elusive Lepidopa benedicti. And when I do, I wear these:

Because I can’t shovel in bare feet. Even though I use sunscreen regularly when digging, and even though I’m only there about once a  month, it leaves that reminder.

Any other researcher have unusual tans or other distinctive marks they get in the course of doing their science?

(Incidentally, it is harder to get a good picture of your foot than you might think.)


Science Cheerleader said...

A recent increase in writing has produced a physical change but it's not an unusual tan line. Ever hear of secretary's butt? ;) You've inspired me to get out and do more science!

Bjørn Østman said...

I sit inside all day and I'm a whiter shade of pale. When I do get out, I crouch while walking, and so I am a redneck.