01 September 2011

Comments for second half of August 2011

Dr. Micro O is checking on the hiring practices out there. She follows it up with some thoughts on academic competition, with which Gerty Z further runs even further.

Kate Clancy seeks advice on teaching science to undergraduates who are not science majors.

Prof-Like Substance reviews the new grant submission policies for a couple of divisions in the National Science Foundation.

Jamie Vernon takes Governor Rick Perry at his word.

BenchFly Blog fields a question from a prospective grad student who doesn’t want to write the GRE.

Sheril Kirschembaum asks if doctoral programs are pyramid schemes, followed by whether we still need tenure.

Dr. Isis likes getting money. I did, too, once. And, she wonders, “A signed review?! What does that mean?!”

Dr. Becca tries to figure out if she should use the university gym.

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