01 January 2012

Comments for second half of December 2011

PH Lane asks if other people claim blogging for credit on their academic job.

Dr. 27 wonders how people organize their CVs.

Scicurious covers research on how threat of predation affects reproduction. I live-blogged about when it was presented at the Ecology meeting.

Neuro Polar Bear defends using papers as the main way to measure someone’s scientific record.

Neuroskeptic examines a possible test for a measure of consciousness.

Hannah Waters discusses how botanists are changing their publication practices. For one their ditching Latin, even though so many things sound so much more impressive in Latin. For instance:

Invictum exercitum marmorata cancer meus erit.

Rough translation: “My army of marbled crayfish will be invicible.” (And “Credo Elvis adhuc vivit” doesn’t sound anywhere near as loopy as it does in English.)

I don’t quite understand Ed Carr’s comment about publication fees.

Science blog, I get. But what makes a Canadian science blog? I ask Maryse de la Giroday this at the Frogheart blog.

Southern Fried Science has a great look at the top Twitter science hashtags for 2011. I add a note about the origin of one of them.

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