01 February 2012

Comments for second half of January 2012

Back in 2011, Ed Yong and Jerry Coyne covered a paper on treehoppers helmets – here and here, respectively – that is now being disputed.

Scicurious defines neurotransmitter. I distinguish it from “neuromodulator.”

Drugmonkey reignites the great reference battle, which I covered here.

I make a brief cameo at Embargo Watch. Little did I know my little tweet about a dinosaur nest would ripple out to an interesting little story about publishing.

Jerry Coyne looks at open access, and somehow thinks this means “not peer reviewed.” Open access advocates, take note: people keep making it imply things that it does not (e.g., must be free to publish, must be non profit, etc.).

Neuroskeptic has a great summary of an article on face detection.

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