05 March 2012

Chocholate bar dissection

Last week, I was at a graduate student recruiting fair. To entice people towards my table, I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a variety pack of small chocolate bars. Contained within the package were Milky Way and Milky Way Midnight bars.

Until I had picked up one of these packages, I had never seen a Milky Way Midnight bar. I tried one, and oooooh, baby! They’re a bit of all right.

This left me with a puzzle. See, I’ve never been a big Milky Way fan. And this bar was obviously called Milky Way Midnight because it used dark chocolate, and I’ve never been a big dark chocolate fan, either. It’s okay (I mean, it is chocholate, after all), but I prefer the milk chocolate on the whole.

This called for more invasive techniques.

A-ha! Not only is the chocolate coating different, it has a different nougat inside! Milky Way Midnight has a vanilla nougat, and the regular Milky Way doesn’t. I think the difference. Because, as the Barenaked Ladies reminded us, vanilla is the finest of the flavours.

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