16 July 2012

Comments for first half of July, 2012

Jeremy at A Taste for Desert Landscapes examines opinions about evolution.

Should the original arsenic life paper be retracted? David Sanders, guest blogging at Retraction Watch, says yes. I’m not so sure.

Meanwhile, Rosie Redfield brands some initial responses of NASA representatives as “cowardly.”

I make a cameo in Bora Zivcovik’s massive history of science blogging.

Hook and Eye bemoans very long lead times in publishing papers.

DrugMoneky asks if you are a better scientist than the people who trained you.

Is it ever worth it to publish in a journal that has been called “predatory”? Hird looks at the issue in Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! Be sure to check the follow-up, too.

Soapbox Science has recommendations to keep women in science.

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