01 October 2012

Comments for second half of September, 2012

At On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess, Potnia asks about when people first write grants, and how grants are affecting the kind of science they do.

Yes, there is discrimination against women by both male and female academic scientists, as reported by Sean Carroll at Cosmic Vicariance. Orchestras made progress on this by changing their hiring practices.

Emily Willingham on wild problems that emerge from lumping many things into one thing.

Potentially my own “I’ve created a monster!” moment? My recent self-published manuscript led Erin McKiernan to do something very similar, and post a paper on Figshare instead of leaving it in the file drawer.

Jerry Coyne does not understand the Ig Nobel prizes. They celebrate, not mock.

I make a cameo appearance in Tara ’s Smith Aeitiology blog on evangelizing the value of social media.

Dr. Becca ponders grant-nesia.

Orac does one of his trademark takedowns of the rat cancer / genetically modified corn paper.

When you a journal retract a paper? Retraction Watch brings news that one journal, PLOS Pathogens, has decided it will single-handedly pull papers if they find out the conclusions are “shown to be wrong” (whatever that means).

I make a cameo appearance in the National Association of Science Writer weekly round-up and at Retraction Watch for my posts about the paper by Séralini and colleagues on rat cancer and genetically modified corn.

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