15 November 2012

In Florida, ballots and crayfish are counted

I have been in the Fort Lauderdale / Miama area on my #SciFund expedition! I have got to say, field work like this messes with your sense of time like few things can. I've had just two full days here, but it feels more like four or five.

So far, I've been focusing on collecting crayfish, which was the goal for my first #SciFund project. I am finding crayfish, but a lot of them are the wrong species.

You can see a picture of me with one of my captures here. Ah, photographs, always there to remind us how goofy we look. Part of the scruffiness is due to being out in the field in the morning, but I can't blame field work for the expression on my face. Classic. Photo by David Shiffman during my talk the The University of Miami yesterday afternoon.

My talk there was great fun. The crowd was small but apparently one of the better attended ones for this program. And the discussion was excellent. As was the food at the Titanic pub after the talk.

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