01 March 2013

Asking, connecting, trust, and crowdfunding

Crap. Amanda Palmer just made me cry.

How? I watched this talk:

After a morning of debating the potential of crowdfunding on Twitter, and trying to write a tough post about being left behind and reinvention, this talk just brought so much clarity.

“Is this sustainable? What about donor fatigue? What about people not funding the Very Important Research?” I’ve answered a lot of those kinds of questions, but Amanda’s talk reminded me, powerfully, that those are just... details. I should be crowdfunding, for the same reason I blog: to share.

Thank you, Amanda, for the reminder of our mission as I look forward to the next round of #SciFund.

External links

Neil Gaiman’s journal: The art of asking
Amanda Palmer: The Epic TED Blog, part one: It Takes a Village to Write a TED Talk.
Ryan Dancey on Amanda Palmer (Facebook post): “Instead of trying to figure out how to get millions of people to HEAR you, figure out how to get tens of thousands of people to LOVE you.”

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KateClancy said...

Aww, now me too! Thanks for sharing that. That was a good use of the TED platform :).