30 May 2013

Eleven years of science blogging

Eleventh anniversaries are tricky. I mean, when you hit ten, it’s like watching the odometer on the car roll over and you go, “Look at all the zeroes!” It’s a whole new order of magnitude. But after that, that leading numeral “one” is just stuck there for year after year.

Today is the eleventh blogiversary of NeuroDojo. I’m very happy about that, and with the longevity of this project.

Thanks to:

  • Neil Gaiman for the original inspiration to start this.
  • Blogger for continued hosting and service; literally from the very beginning.
  • Flickr for being my best source of Creative Commons graphics.
  • You, even though you readers and commenters are slightly too numerous to single out.

Despite a post that reflected some weariness earlier this week, I see no end in sight for this blog. It’s still fun.

P.S.—It seems appropriate to include this “Blogging for the long haul” session I did with the mighty Sci at Science Online:

Watch live streaming video from scienceonline at livestream.com

Still not explaining the masks.

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Photo by imago on Flickr; used under a Creative Commons license.

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