10 March 2014

The sixth fan: missed it by that much

In the past few weeks on my other social media sites, I’ve been asking for help in getting UTPA into the finals of the Sixth Fan competition. Up for grabs was $100,000 in scholarship money. Given that we serve one of the poorest areas in the country, I reckoned we could put that scholarship money to better use than most universities.

We made it past the first round, then the elite eight, and into the final four. We started the final four with only 10% of the vote, but we managed to reduce the spread to only a few percentage points by yesterday.

I voted a lot, but it was not enough. We are not in the finals. Alas. But we came close. And given than we were against a university with much more “name” recognition (Brighman Young University), we were competitive.

As Maxwell Smart said...

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