01 May 2014

Comments for second half of April 2014

Joan Strassman looks at author credits.

This bycatch inforgraphic looks nice, but on its own, lacks credibility. Citations, please!

More on peer review at the PubChase blog. When you’re talking about long-standing problems, suggesting that one year old websites are the solution may be a bit... optimistic.

Paige brown ask, “How do you decide what to write about when you’re a science blogger?” This leave me wondering what a “news peg” is, but never mind my own ignorance!

Scholastica plotted the same data on Elsevier’s costs to universities that I did. They did an infographic; I did traditional plots. Compare and contrast...

Craig McClean compiles playful acknowledgements. I add a couple more.


Mike Taylor said...

Playful acknowledgements, you say? All I see is slaughtered dolphins.

Zen Faulkes said...

Oops. Stray character messed up the link. Fixing now.