30 July 2014

Meet the voice cast of Sharknado 2!

My parents are Sharknado 2: The Second One.

Sharknado 2 ran a crowdfunding campaign to finance a scene. I initially kicked in because a fraction of the money would go to support shark research by the Abess Center at the University of Miami, who treated me nice during my #SciFund expedition.

One of the incentives was “Scream like you mean it!”, which gave people a chance to become a sound effect in the movie. I got that for my dad’s birthday.

I was initially a bit worried, because my parents are not into horror movies at all. They’re not even into sharks.

But then I got this email from my mom:

Dad did his screaming and emailed it (after trials to see if we could figure out how to email an audio file :). Just an hour or so ago received an email back that the sound was distorted and could he do it again. So probably in the morning we will try again. THIS IS QUITE HILARIOUS.....best laugh I have had in a while - watching your Dad practice screaming !!! His facial expressions are so funny and the first practise sounded more like a moan.

And after they had finally perfected the recording and submitted an acceptable one:

I think we had more laughs with this gift than anything else in years. It was great fun... who would have thought at 74 years old ha! ha!

Since they’d had so much fun recording my dad’s scream, it only made sense that when Mother’s Day rolled around... yes, my mom got to scream for Sharknado 2 as a Mother’s Day present! (Unfortunately, after making so much fun of my dad’s experience, my mother was a bit more demure. She did not allow pictures to be taken.)

If you want to try to listen for my dad during Sharknado 2, listen for this:

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