15 May 2015


Natalie Morales reviewed my itty bitty ebook, Presentation Tips!

Natalie. Effing. Morales!

(And she liked it! Squee!)

Update, 1 August 2017: My little ebook makes a cameo appearance in this new interview with Natalie (my emphasis):

And then there is her Instagram account. “I’ve noticed that all these celebrities were getting a bunch of free shit and sort of faking it on Instagram,” she explains. “I was like, well, why not just, like, blatantly do it? Why not just go, like, ‘Hey, I like free stuff. Don’t send me a shitty thing because I’ll say that it’s shitty, and I’ll post about it.’”

She started the Instagram account @NatalieMoralesLovesFreeStuff, and now she gets free stuff — including a fantasy novel someone has written, a public-speaking manual someone has written, chocolates from a small candy shop, a board game someone developed, and some swag from Dyson.

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