30 June 2015

Tuesday Crustie: Yeti another one

It’s kind of cool to think that when I started this blog, nobody had heard of yeti crabs. We got the first in 2006, the second in 2011, and now we’ve got a third! Meet Kiwa tyleri!

What’s cool about this creature is that it is a polar creature. Like the first two yeti crab species, this one also lives near hot spots, hydrothermal vents.

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Thatje S, Marsh L, Roterman CN, Mavrogordato MN, Linse K. 2015 Adaptations to hydrothermal vent life in Kiwa tyleri, a new species of yeti crab from the East Scotia Ridge, Antarctica. PLOS ONE 10(6): e0127621. http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0127621

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