24 July 2015

This calls for a celebration

This is the remains of my treat to myself after a paper I co-authored was published in spring.

Back in February, when I went back to Canada for the first time in years for a training workshop, I picked up a stash of Canadian chocolate bars at the airport. Extra large sizes when possible. There are a lot of these things that are just about impossible to get in the U.S., so these are precious things to me. I didn’t want to just snarf through them. No, these are something to savour. I wanted to keep them for special occasions. I decided that I would only eat one what a new paper was published. Not just accepted – published, with the final thing out there in the world available for people to read.

This is the aftermath of the celebration of the publication of my new paper in PeerJ this week:

I think I have enough to celebrate the publication of four more papers, and I’m already trying to decide which I’ll have when my next paper comes out. But I’ll probably be saving the Crispy Crunch for last.

What do you do to celebrate success in your lab?

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potty theron said...

Ah to be young, and want to celebrate. Sigh, to be old and not do so anymore: