18 November 2015

Presentation Tips for people in a hurry

Batman: [reads the second riddle] What people are always in a hurry?

Robin: Rushing people... Russians!

I’m very excited to announce that my itty-bitty ebook, Presentation Tips, is now available in Russian!

You can download the Russian language PDF here.

This translation is courtesy of Maksim, who took advantage of the book’s Creative Commons license. I’m so pleased someone found this resource useful enough to translate, and I thank Maksim to no end.

This arrives on the heels of yesterday’s post (about a citation of my paper published as blog post). Both the blogged paper and this ebook were released about the same time. Both were experiments in bypassing the traditional publishing route, just to see if you could make an impact. It took a few years, but it feels vindicating to see that these projects have made ripples, and didn’t vanish without a trace.

I never thought I would see my name in Cyrillic, never mind an entire work of mine in a language other than English.

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That is pretty awesome.