10 May 2016

Building a winning trivia team

Trivia night!

A local pub, Grain to Glass, hosts trivia night every Tuesday. I got invited to join a team over a year ago now. Our team consistently does very well, thank you.

I’ve thought a lot about why our team does so well. I’ve concluded it’s because pretty much everyone on the team is different. We have Americans, an Englishman, and a Canadian who’s lived in Australia (me!). Just that geographic diversity helps a lot. Our ages from youngest to oldest covers probably 20 years. Our professions are different. We have both men and women. My strength is science and movies, but I suck at sports... which a couple of other team members know very well.

If we had someone who kept up with current pop music, we’d be unstoppable. (Why are there so many questions about One Direction?!)

This same applies to departments and institutions, too. Diversity can build a better team.

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