10 March 2024

How can we fix Daylight Saving Time?

I’ve mentioned this on social media before, but I might as well get it into the blog for archival purposes.

We just switched to Daylight Saving Time overnight. Nobody likes this switch, because you lose an hour, it messes with sleep, you have to change microwave clocks we always forgot how to do that.

It occured to me that the fundamental problem with the change is that an hour is too big a step in one go. But nobody notices when timekeepers throw in a leap second. (Yes, that is a real thing I learned about years ago.)

Instead of two hour long time shifts twice a year, why not make more but smaller changes? Like 10 minutes, every month. It comes to the same amount of time over the course of a year.

“Zen, that may be easier on sleep cycles, but that means ten more annoying clock changes every year.”

Use new technology instead of being stuck using old technology. More and more clocks are setting themselves automatically using an Internet signal or some radio signal from an atomic clock. We could get even more if we mandated self-setting clocks in new equipment

Build the future, not the past.

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