30 August 2008

Texas Higher Education and Creation Research, Part 29

The author of EvolutionBlog had the gumption to go to a conference on creationist research (no snickering, please). There several posts in a series of his report, but I wanted to point out Part 3, which has some interesting comments from "an enthusiastic young woman identifying herself as affiliated with the Institute for Creation Research Graduate School." I've been blogging extensively on ICR's efforts to get permission to offer Master's degrees in Science Education, so her comments make for interesting reading. Much of the post centers around some ill-chosen words for which the speaker apologized, but I'll just call out this:
I don't think Christians understand the depth of the stronghold evolutionists have in our system. They have engineered things to stop anything that we say, to report anything that we say.

We're doing a really, really bad job of our "stranglehold," when pretty much every poll that I've seen indicates that a huge fraction of U.S. citizens disagree with the conclusions of evolutionary science.

Also, several people suggested the ICR offer a Master's degree in Religious Studies rather than Science Education. Is it "strangling" someone's point of view to ask them to put a different label on the bottle?

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Stef said...

I think that even though life in general can be considered a series of compromises, asking someone to water down or change their beliefs to appease the masses can be considered somewhat smothering. Changing the label on the bottle can be just as offensive as telling them their wrong. I think this especially applies to religions of faith, who are prepared to go to an extreme for their god(s).