30 December 2008

Blog in review 2008

Late in 2007, I decided to try to ramp up my blogging. I wanted to do more substantive posts more frequently. While others will have to judge whether I was more substantive, this was certainly the most active this blog has been by far, pushing close to 300 posts.

Of course, it was helped by the amount of stuff going on in Texas concerning the forced resignation of Chris Comer, the efforts of the Institution for Creation Research to offer Master's degrees in science education, and the ongoing review of the Texas K-12 science standards. All three stories focused attention on the relationship between science and creationism. I could have written much more about this, but I wanted to keep focused on those that were occurring here in the place I live.

Some favourite posts of mine from this year follow. Following convention, I've cut it to 10 examples.


The point of doubt


Deep research
Lecturing doesn't matter


Why am I blogging about buying a car?


Making mimetics scientific (The one I nominated for the Open Laboratory 2008)
The big four questions


Anniversaries: One even number, one odd
A word is needed for an inability to think graphically


Tools of the trade


Don't hate beauty

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