13 December 2008

Ups and down in teaching

Watching Ben Zander in his Pop!Tech talk the day after submitting final grades for my classes is a humbling experience.

This week, I have worried a lot about teaching. Am I being fair and consistent in my grading? (That's a big one for me, as I know unfairness drives students absolutely nuts.) Did I ask reasonable amounts of work? Was I too soft?

Zander makes me think those are not the first questions I should ask. The first one I should ask might be, "Did I lift students up, or did I grind them down?"

I may have done more grinding than lifting this semester.

How interesting.


Diane said...

I felt "lifted up" in neurobiology. Anytime that a particular concept seemed vague, you noticed that the students did not fully understand and you explained that part of the topic again.

Stef said...

I felt "lifted" in both neuro and bio writing (although would have liked to been lifted from an 89 to a 90 in writing :P) The classes were well taught although at times in neuro things seemed a bit scattered. you did always seem to understand where the class stood as a whole on comprehension. well done