01 May 2009

The English take note of Texas

The Guardian has an article about the ongoing kafuffle about the Texas science standards, which includes some new quotes from the always quotable Don McLeroy:

McLeroy gloats over the idea of textbooks using the Texas standards to discuss the fossil record or the complexity of the cell. “I’m curious to see how they’ll cover these subjects. I think the science behind those things is pretty weak.” He runs through some creationist favourites – the Cambrian explosion, the flagellum. “They haven't come up with an explanation of the eye. They haven’t. They haven’t!”

“So you want to see them fail to come up with scientific explanations for these things?” I ask. “Absolutely! That’s what I think will happen. The kids can sit there and judge for themselves.” Children are intuitively skeptical about evolution, he says.

Just keep talking, Mr. McLeroy. Because the more you say, the more you cast yourself and your colleagues in an unflattering light. Because the more you say, the more can be used in court if a lawsuit ever comes up about teaching using the standards you helped to create.

Additional: The Austin American-Statesman updates what the Texas legislature is doing to the State Board of Education. McLeroy looks like he may not be retuning as Chair, and the Governor will pick a new board member to act as Chair.

Unfortunately, there are several other board members who are folie à deux with McLeroy on science, so the situation will probably not improve.

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@mafost said...

Good points. Keep talking McLeroy. It's good fodder for bloggers and even better for the courtroom.