25 May 2009

State Board of Education update, plus: Did he say that?

Quick update on the Texas Legislature and the State Board of Education is up at the Star-Telegram. Lot of proposals to modify the Board have failed, and Don McLeory’s confirmation to continue as chair could be before the Senate today.

The Burnt Orange Report has a short column on McLeroy that almost nails it, but fouls it up with a falsehood:

Let’s not get mixed up here – McLeroy’s idiocy has nothing to do with his creationist beliefs, though calling parents “monsters” for wanting to teach their children about evolution is definitely the mark of the unbalanced. It has more to do with his trashing of any expert opinion – and of teachers – over the simplest of issues(.)

Just one thing: McLeroy never called parents who taught evolution “monsters.” He wrote a short but positive review of a book that did so, however, titled Sowing Atheism.

As I've said before:

While I always appreciate people supporting for science, this should never mean putting words into anyone’s mouth. No matter how much you might think it belongs there.

Additional: The Houston Chronicle has a small update on the situation.

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