15 November 2009

Comments for first half of November 2009

The Byte Sized Biology blog asks questions about submission fees for Open Access journals. I point out there is a distinct lack of any rules, as far as I can see, about who gets to have their fees waived.

I point out that Canadians don’t spell like either Americans or British over at Science after Sunrise.

Speaking of home, I had to express my sympathy for Canadian Girl Postdoc in Canada, who had a run-in with the American health care system.

On Deep Sea News, I correct a description of one of my blog posts. I wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t for a contest.

At Pleiotropy, which shows an ophthalmologist who pulls out the ol’ “Evolution... just a theory” argument, I note that the journal did publish a reply.

Maniactive talks about the importance of an audience to making a great presentation, which I’ve discussed here once or thrice.

A student asks Dr. Isis about authorship over at On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess... I point out that there are guidelines for determining who should be an author. “Because I’m the boss” or “Because I wrote the grant that pays you” are not acceptable reasons for putting your name on a scientific paper.

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