13 November 2009

Hitting the target

Spotted this on Facebook...

... and I was off to the races:

Philosophy argues about the target but never takes the shot.

Math assumes the target is a perfect sphere on a frictionless surface.

Science shoots at the target, misses, and says it hit the target within an order of magnitude.

Engineering tears down the old target and builds a new, larger, easier to hit target.

Religion believes in the target.

Crazy draws the target wherever the shot lands.

Sawed-off shotgun ignores the target.

Canada fires at the target, hits it perfectly, then apologizes.

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1 comment:

@mafost said...

America calls the target a terrorist, bombs it with everything it has, and doesn't know when to stop.

Males see the target, end up shooting on the rim, and forget to put the seat down...wife gets mad.