01 July 2010

Comments for second half of June 2010

Prof in Training points out that it’s not only couples who have problems with work-life balance in academia. I recount a story of actual, perhaps not discrimination, but definitely thoughtlessness, concerning one of my single colleagues.

The Scholarly Kitchen asks how PLoS ONE was able to create an enviable impact factor in its first go (something I’ve wondered myself). Actually promoting the journal might have something to do with it.

Hank Campbell also looks at the PLoS ONE impact factor, and raises many of the same questions above. The publication fee comes up, and I ask what a reasonable figure is.

Both SciCurious and I blogged about the Komodo dragon bacteria paper. But she gets more commenters than me. Heck, even I’m a commenter there.

And to reverse the flow of commentary for a second, the joint article Carin Bondar and I did on headlines gets mentioned in this Seed column.

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