18 March 2011

The Benshi, southern edition

He’s the man behind A Flock of Dodos, Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy, Don’t Be Such a Scientist, and my personal favourite, “The Consequences of Short-Distance Larval Dispersal in a Sessile Marine Invertebrate.” *

I’ve blogged about scientist / filmmaker / author Randy Olson quite a bit (see related links, below). Now, I'm pleased to say that Randy Olson, formerly known as Doctor Richard Randolph Olson, will be visiting The University of Texas-Pan American in April.

(I think the image here is supposed to tie into his film Sizzle. You know... hot.)

In addition to screening both his films and doing several workshops, he will be judging a video contest.

P.S.—Randy has a Bacon number of 2. I’ll get back to you on his Erdős–Bacon number.

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* Although I also like, “Potential vs. realized larval dispersal: fish predation on larvae of the ascidian Lissoclinum patella (Gottschaldt)”.

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