16 March 2011

Comments for first half of March 2011

I made Dr. Becca a perfectly good banner. Then, kabloowie, she needs a new one.

Later, Becca asks for feedback on how to deal with a rejected manuscript. This issue of giving people advice is carried on by DrugMonkey.

Speaking of DrugMonkey, “What could you take out in hand to hand combat?” he asks.

Olivia Mitchell has a fast way to make an Ignite! talk. I shared it with my students and they said it was very useful.

Prof-Like Substance wants to know if Twitter is worth it.

Gerty Z at Balanced Instability goes through her first faculty search from the point of view of the ones doing the hiring. And it ain’t pretty.

Dr. Girlfriend discusses why so much of the scientific process is hidden from view.

Namnezia asks, “How old you were when you got on to tenure-track?

Brian Switek wants to know what dinosaurs inspired people.

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