25 April 2011

Publishers submitting intelligent design materials for consideration in Texas

Despite that evolution is the law in Texas, intelligent design keeps cropping up with regards to the state K-12 education.

The Texas Freedom Network is reporting that applications for instructional materials for Texas classrooms include intelligent design materials; in particular, they mention International Databases. The Texas Education Agency has material from this publisher online, but it is password protected.

If the Texas Freedom Network’s information is correct, these materials are unsuitable. This example is given:

Teacher instructions such as: “students should go home with the understanding that a new paradigm of explaining life’s origins is emerging from the failed attempts of naturalistic scenarios. This new way of thinking is predicated upon the hypothesis that intelligent input is necessary for life's origins.” (Module 8, “Teacher Resources,” Slide 3)

That’s about as blatantly religious as one can get without mentioning God.

It’s important to note that these are applications only. It doesn’t mean they will be approved.

Well, at least we’ll have something to talk about after Flock of Dodos screens on Wednesday.

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