19 April 2011

A research and education park in South Texas

A press release from the city of McAllen is reporting that planning has started on a new research and education park in the area. It will focus on manufacturing.

With the region becoming the North American hub for advanced manufacturing, Patridge said NAAMREI partners recognized the need for a research and education park.

“Today’s manufacturing product life cycle must respond rapidly to the needs of the customer,” he explained. “By having research and development facilities close by, our companies will be able to speed up the time it takes to go from concept to consumer.”

This is great news for our area, as it creates the possibility of transitioning the region from a late nineteentheen century economy (agriculture and manufacturing) to a more modern economy (science and technology).

I’m not sure what an “education park” is, however.


elprofe said...

As a McAllenite, I was delighted to see your blog headline. Wow, a first-class park that mixes research and education (I "read through" the misspelling of education; I bet you did, too.) I imagined a hopped-up Quinta Mazatlan, more than just birding but also ecology studies and environmental research. Alas, it is not so. You are right in your conclusion, however, that such a project is a step towards developing a 21st century culture and economy in el Valle. On the other hand, I, too, am puzzled by the phrase "education park" in the context of technological research.

Zen said...

Typos. They getcha every time. Thanks for catch, which I've fixed.