16 December 2011

Comments for first half of December 2011

Gerty Z checks out fabric conference posters, which I had queued up in the Better Posters blog.

I make a cameo appearance on Ed Yong’s Not Exactly Rocket Science, which covers a topic that I wrote about: teensy-tiny insects. I was busy at Ed’s blog this month, as he wrote about how London cab drivers have an enlarged hippocampus. Hey, if you want a big hippocampus, there are easier ways than becoming a cabbie. I also comment about dinosaurs.

Jarrett Byrnes made a dancing yeti crab video. He has instructions. I add more instructions.

And at Inkfish, I defend yeti crabs from the charge that they look “uncool.”

NeuroPolarBear gets a consistent answer on how many conferences a year a professor should go to. The consistency surprises me.

David Kroll leaves his research gig behind.

Speaking of work, Scicurious looks at the hours we put in at work.

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