07 December 2011

#SciFund troubleshooting

You want to fuel a #SciFund project! Joy!

The RocketHub website won’t let you! Bummer!

If this happens you, contact support@rockethub.com! They are there to help!

A few people have reported problems in contributing to their favourite #SciFund project. We asked RocketHub, who told us that a few (~1%) people do run into problems.

Possible causes:
  • User error in entering data. This can often be fixed just by trying again in a couple of days.
  • Old browsers - Internet Explorer 6.0 and a few other very old browsers have difficulties with the contribution process.
  • High-level browser security/disabled cookies - some users have browser apps or have disabled cookies, which can make it difficult to contribute.
  • Invalid card - RocketHub does not accept Maestro.
  • Invalid country - certain countries can’t have their cards processed, because they are deemed “high risk.”
If you have tried to fuel a project, please try again! Don’t be discouraged! Think of the joy on all those scientists’ faces when they get the email that someone has fueled their project!

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