02 August 2013

How to cheer up a neurobiologist: listen to spikes on the speaker

Last couple of days haven't been good. August means that I have to tell myself, “Classes start this month.” And that means my annual merit folder will be due. I started looking at what I have generated this last year, and... there’s been less stuff out than I’d like. Then, I had a long talk yesterday with a colleague about some data that left me worried that data I thought would be usable... wasn’t. All in all, I felt a twinge of the ol’ imposter syndrome settling in.

But then I managed to get this recording of spikes, the best in a long while.

Made me feel a teensy bit better. A good signal to noise ratio, and hearing spikes pop on speakers, always cheers me up.

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Bjoern Brembs said...

Yup, always get the speaker for your spikes!