06 August 2013

Tuesday Crustie: No!

In 1922, Sweden was considering prohibition. Artist Albert Engström created this poster rejecting it. A historian (Swahn, 2004) would later write:

Probably no Swedish artist produced more work featuring crayfish than Albert Engström. Most famous is his emphatic “No!” Poster for the Swedish prohibition referendum in 1922: “Crayfish require these drinks!” Prohibitionist posters, with their starving children and battered wives of drunkards, stood little chance against Engström’s simple but pungent slogan. And so it came about that the crayfish, for the first and perhaps last time ever, had a hand - well, claw - in the making of Swedish history.


Swahn J-Ö. 2004. The cultural history of crayfish. Bulletin Francais de la Peche et de la Pisciculture 372-373: 243-251.

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