01 November 2013

Comments for second half of October 2013

Reaction Norm has a surprising figure about the age of directors at the NIH. They’re old.

If you ever want to go to Science Online, you should try to figure out what you want to get out of the experience, as Kelly Hillis suggests. Then tell Karyn Traphagen (karyn AT scienceonline DOT com) what your answer is.

Ethan Perlstein does some analysis on science crowdfunding across four crowdfunding platforms.

DrugMonkey asks who has busy posters, and who’s neglected, in the poster sessions at conferences.

Small Pond Science has a series of observations from his travels around universities that are interesting.

Down with Time think nobody reads his blog. Prove him wrong!

This blog makes a cameo on a post about self-publishing science. at the Neuroconscience blog.

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