18 November 2013

Feel my power!

Cartoon Action Hour is a role-playing game of vintage cartoons. And I really want the latest one...

The series focuses on an interdimensional madman known as Doctor Zen who brings his armies to our reality to transform our world into his world. The heroes of the series are special men and women who have been chosen by the “spirit” of each of their people and given a sacred weapon to fend off the threat with. In Britain, Merlin gives a young woman Excalibur. In Africa, Anansi gives a young man his “story web.” The spirit of Baba Yaga gives a young woman her mortar and pestle. And in the United States, the spirit of Coyote gives a young man his magical cloak that allows him to transform into any animal or person.

By the inimitable John Wick. Blurb from here; cover from here.

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